From Argentina to Zimbabwe — The Best Food Apps For Travelers

Let's face the truth: you cannot visit Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow or Stockholm without trying the local foods. But if you've forgotten your travel guidebook at home and can barely say a few words in local language — no worries. Every gourmet can install one of the free travel food apps available for Android & iOS. Shabushabu in rhubarb sauce, sturgeon rastegai or sugared hawthorns — these applications know every worthy meal and diner.


1. LocalEats — Neat restaurant map

LocalEats knows everything about the best restaurants, in any given area on Earth. In Berlin, Krakow,  Lisbon or Santiago, it will find every decent canteen, where you can gorge on the aboriginal cooking . It excludes such joints as White Castle, MacDonald's, Subway or Papa John's. Only local top-ranking places, which you can filter by meal assortment, prices etc.

LocalEats will guide you to a nice, affordable and authentic place.       

2. Zagat — Only reliable reviews

Zagat, the famous restaurant guide/review platform, is available for your gadget now. Based on your GPS status, it provides info and locations of the restaurants near you. The app's convenient filter allows you to choose various types of cuisine:  Indian, Mediterranean,  Hawaiian, Japanese etc. For instance, if you decide to try lamb hinkali, choose Georgian cuisine and sort out the eateries by their reviews, popularity, average bill and so on.

Zagat is curated by the editorial team, so no deceitful reviews are allowed.

3. The Infatuation — Foodie-moody nation

This app has been developed specially for the persnickety planners. Thanks to its clever in-built filter, you can choose a place which fits for a:

  • Romantic dinner;
  • Business brunch;
  • Birthday feast;
  • Corporate banquet;
  • Quick, but nutritious meal.

Infatuation won't show you too many results, leaving an array of only the worthiest places. Parameter of "worthiness" is based on honest commentaries and reviews, provided by real people. The app's geography so far is limited. But you get a fair amount of the American cities and the world's most prominent capitals.

Infatuation is for choosy gourmets.

4. Foodspotting — I spy on this crusty pie

Foodspotting offers a bit different approach: it searches for a specific meal you're hungry for at the moment. Viennese strudel with whipped cream,  poultry julienne or Chinese dumplings with beef and pork — this app will be your sniffer dog, spotting the best place, where the desirable meal is served.

Foodspotting can detect even the most exotic meal in your area.

5. Roaming Hunger — Bet your luck on a food truck

The most unique goose in the flock, Roaming Hunger specializes at tracking down the food trucks. Either you're searching for a quick snack, a pretentious trendy meal or want to book services of one of the trucks for an event — Roaming Hunger can do it all. You may even take a chance and put all the ice-cream trucks in the vicinity under surveillance.

Roaming Hunger will lead you to the food on wheels.

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