The Hottest Premiers: The Most Anticipated Games in 2019

2019 has a few big-name titles in store for us. And it's positively impossible to name every single genre and franchise: Pokémon, space opera, horror-survival, historic Japanese drama, cyberpunk, fighting... It is guaranteed there will be something new for every demanding game connoisseur to savor. Although waiting may take a few months until alpha-releases finally hit the virtual shelves, we've prepared 5 smoking hot games to premier in 2019/2020's beginning.


1. The Last of Us Part II — Ellie has grown up since the last summer

Platform: PS4

Date: Unannounced

Joel's destiny or whereabouts are still unknown, as shown in the trailer. But Ellie has become a well-seasoned survival veteran. And now, when she's stronger than ever, it's about time to wage war on the enigmatic Cult, which has been harassing the poor gal for a long time.

New combat mechanics and bigger tactical leeway along with sharper graphics will make a decent sequel. To say the least.

2.  Ghost of Tsushima — Samurai spirit never dies

Platform: PS4

Date: Unannounced

Obviously inspired by Kingdom Come, Ghost of Tsushima takes us to the medieval Japan. The Mongolian invasion wave ravages the entire Far East and you'll be offered to play as the last Tsushima's Samurai standing, ready to die for his ancestors' island.

Stunning graphics, top-notch realism and intoxicating authenticity are attached.

3. Pokémon Sword and Shield —New Pokémon species?

Platform:  Nintendo Switch

Date: End of 2019

The new Pokémon game will take place in Galar, which is the Britain's doppelganger in the Poké universe. As of now, not much is known of what the gameplay or story will be like. But it is suspected that Sword and Shield will see new Pokémon, along with the classic ones.

All hail Sir Pikachu! 

4. Cyberpunk 2077 — We saw the future. And we dread it.

Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Date: Unannounced

Originally Cyberpunk was a board game, released in 1988. This game is heavily based on the retro game's aesthetics and lore. Picture the world of future neuro-interface software, flying vehicles and denim jackets from the Back to the Future epoch. This is what the cyberpunk world looks like, as presented by CD Projekt Red, who also sculpted Witcher III. 

Widely anticipated, it's a fantastic title.

5. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Run, Padawan

Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Date: November 15

At the moment, presented only as a short teaser, Fallen Order will make every Star Wars fan squirm impatiently. The game's plot takes us back to the Galaxy's grim days, when the fateful Order 66 was finally executed.  As the treacherous clones slaughter the Jedi knights, the protagonist named Cal Kestis is forced to flee. As a result, all alone in this hostile world of interplanetary slave-trade, he must find his luck, mission and destiny.

Coming this autumn, hopefully it will continue the tradition of good single player games, with the likes of The Force Unleashed (and Jedi Knight academy).

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