Coming Real Soon: Official Dauntless Release Has Been Announced

Fresh goodies are coming , meanwhile Ramsguard Season 4 content bids farewell.

After a short postponement, Phoenix Labs has finally made a decision: Dauntless will hit the shelves on May 21 — next week technically. The monster-slayer game will be released for three platforms simultaneously: PS4, Xbox One and PC. The latter version will be exclusively available in Epic Games Store, ignoring the Steam community.  Furthermore, plans of bringing Dauntless to Android have been voiced as well.

In the newest update, players will be offered the Hunt Pass (Season 5). It will include both already known and brand new content. E.g. ninja-like cosmetics and new elements for the Moon Blossom Festival.  As well as the Mystery system, through which player will unlock upgrades, trophies and achievements. Other surprises awaiting the monster-hunters is the Arcslayer Pack will include:

  • New collection of armor;
  • Some premium currency;
  • Enhanced arsenal of consumables.

All of the novelties mean one thing: older Ramsguard packs will be relinquished, with its contents getting a complete removal. For those, who bypassed the chance to get Ramsguard stuff in time — it's your last opportunity.

As for Android and Nintendo Switch ports  — nothing is known so far. The developers are adamant to bring the behemoth-slayer to the mobile gadgets, but it seems that correct optimization will take more time than expected. It'll definitely cause tangible delays to this intention.

Dauntless is a free-to-play online PRG game released in May 2018. It follows the consequences of a planetary cataclysm, which released horrific Behemoth creatures from the bowels of the Earth. As a part of a hero dream team, you're supposed to stop them through flashy battles. You can play Dauntless either solo or as a party member. Check the game here:

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